Frequently Asked Questions


Do you Do off-the-shelf cakes?

Not at the moment. Our cakes are baked to order. :)


Do you have cake tasting service? 

We currently only offer cake tasting for cake orders worth $500 and above. Please write in to us via our CAKE ENQUIRY/ ORDER FORM for more details. :) 


Do you do other cake designs that are not on your website or instagram?

Please write in to us via our CAKE ENQUIRY/ ORDER FORM with the reference photo(s) (you may send us links of the images) of the design you have in mind so that we can advise accordingly. Please note that we will not be able to do the exact same designs that are from other bakeries. 


Do you do Fondant cakes?

Unfortunately, we do not specialise in fondant cakes. Our cakes are mainly buttercream cakes. However, we may be able to add a couple of fondant elements (e.g. fondant toppers) for some of the designs. :) 


Do you provide cake toppers (e.g. customised acrylic toppers, animal figurines etc)?

We are only able to do paper buntings or paper banner toppers with customised wordings. 

For customised wooden/acrylic toppers, you may approach @urbanlil or @kcottagestudio.

For animal figurine toppers, you may get them from The Better Toy Store. :)


Can I order ala carte cake/desserts without the setup? 

Yes, you can! :) You may combine both the orders for cake and desserts under one CAKE ENQUIRY/ ORDER FORM

Both the cake and dessert items will be delivered together if you opt for delivery. :)


Do you provide delivery services? 

Yes, we do. The delivery will be done by a 3rd party vendor and the delivery fee is charged based on location. Please write in to us via our CAKE ENQUIRY/ ORDER FORM for more details.

Do you have packages for your dessert table setup?

We do not have packages for our dessert tables. 

Our setup rate starts from $350.00, which includes conceptualisation, props rental (excluding table), delivery, set-up & tear-down. The final setup fee would depend on the selected theme and how elaborate the setup will be. Surcharges for late setup/takedown after 7.00pm applies as well. Do note that the setup fee does not include the cake and desserts.

The dessert cost depends on the dessert items chosen as well as the quantity required. Please refer to our dessert menu for our full range of dessert items available.


What are the dessert table themes we can choose from?

There are no fixed themes per se. Please write in to us via our DESSERT TABLE ENQUIRY/ORDER FORM with reference photos and/or broad description of the theme you have in mind so that we can advise accordingly.

As our main priority is our cakes, we will not be able to do very elaborate and intricate setups. For those, we would recommend you to approach professional event stylists.  



Yes, you can! Just let us know in advance so we can prepare the extra trays for them. :)


How long in advance do we need to place an order? 

It would be good to send in your orders at least 1 - 2 months (for cakes) and 4 - 5 months (for dessert tables) in advance to avoid disappointment as the slots get filled up pretty fast (thank you for everyone's support!). 

We will also try to update timely on our availability on our enquiry/ order form for our cakes/desserts order and dessert table respectively. 


When & how do we make payment?

We will require full payment for ala carte cake/desserts orders and 50% payment of the total cost for desserts table setup orders upon confirmation. Payment would have to be made latest by 2 weeks before delivery date. 

We currently only accept bank transfers.