We love it when customers just order cakes / desserts from us and do up their own dessert tables! Many will tell me they referenced my previous setups to create theirs and it always makes me feel very warm and fuzzy inside. I always encourage clients to D.I.Y if possible because if you have the time, the amount of satisfaction is just unvbelievable and it will put a smile on your face every time you see photos of it! This is coming from personal experience when I first started doing dessert tables.. haha... Now I'm more worried than excited and satisfied when customers have no complaints. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy doing them! I just love being impressed by other people's creativity! So please don't underestimate yourself! If you ever need some advice on where to source for things, I will try my best to advise you! D.I.Y for the win! 
Thank you Alene for the photos! Xx


Customised rustic cake with ROAR banner and T.REX toy!


Mummy Alene's fantabulous setup!

Sarah's Loft